You know you're meant to be with your Soulmate. 

You were never the career girl who put money and status before love. No, that’s not you! Nevertheless, you've become hugely successful so those looking in would say you have it all.

Yet ...

  • Inside of you there’s the wondering why have you not met HIM (or perhaps you had met someone but it didn’t work out)
  • There’s the longing to find HIM to create your life together
  • The ache of being single is there because you're still not with HIM

    Ultimately, you KNOW being with the love of your life is absolutely right for you. 

    But when?

attract your soulmate
discover your unique love code & create your own divine love story

Do you feel ... 

>> A bit worried because, even though you know it is meant to be, you can't help think you should have met him by now?

>> Insecure because, although you know you’ll find your love, that ugly voice keeps popping up “but what if I’m single and lonely forever?"

>> Uncertain because, you have always wanted love, this isn’t a new desire and now it feels so right to meet him, so where is he?

>> Different because, you’re the last one of your friends who's single, everyone else is getting married or living together, maybe having kids but definitely moving on?

>> Slightly bewildered because, you're not broken (you don’t need counselling or you have been there, done that), you are ready now more than ever?

From an outsider’s perspective, you have it ALL together!

Your friends and family constantly remind you of how beautiful you are. That you’ve got everything going for you; gorgeous home, lovely friends, amazing lifestyle. You’re intelligent, savvy with a great career - so they cannot understand why you're still single.

But the truth be known underneath all of this, there’s a lack of self-belief.


Being with your soulmate is a deep inner knowing, you’ve always had.

Since you were a little girl, or at least a teenager, you’ve known that you were going to find him, even with your doubts!

You know that he’s out there and your souls are meant to meet.

He’s your partner in this adventure of life, in love, perhaps in business, in travel, in parenthood and so much more.

With him, you want to ...

>>  Have him right beside you at all those special occasions, family celebrations and social gatherings where you walk in, smiling, arm in arm.

>>  Know, when you’ve been out meeting friends (instead of going back to an empty home), you have to leave because your soulmate has cooked dinner and is waiting for you.

>> Plan picnics by the beach or lunch in your favourite bistro, or together you come up with a romantic weekend get-away. 

>> Have “your person” to hug, jump for joy together, have that crazy dance moment to share wins with!

>> Spontaneously celebrate Champagne Friday - why not!
Those quirky moments between the two of you are what bond you together.

You cannot wait to spend the rest of your life with him.


Imagine ...

A cosy breakfast in bed, it feels so romantic and something you've wanted for so long, waking up with the love of your life. You chat, you giggle, you connect as if you've always known each other. It's everything you've dreamed of and more! And it feels so natural.

The cook-off with the new fresh pasta maker you’ve jointly been given. Making up your own Italian recipe to surprise and impress each other, whilst sipping on your favourite drink; maybe a Prosecco, red wine or something natural. There's lots of teasing, laughing, a little competitiveness and loads of fun!

Balmy summer evenings with friends, everyone seeing the two of you as a couple. Sitting around a table decorated with fresh flowers, gorgeous china and sparkling glasses. Lights shimmering in the trees and candles flickering. An endless supply of food, drink, discussion and laughter!

attract your soulmate
discover your unique love code & create your own divine love story

So who is he?

He’s moral, respectful, handsome, trustworthy and committed to you!

He’s a one woman man, kind, caring, clever (whether that be creatively or in business).

He will love your uniqueness, he’ll love every part of you and you will feel so at ease with him.

He’s got your back and you his, you see each other as equals. It feels so good as you feel free to be you.

He can be spontaneous, surprising you with special moments.

And he wants his soulmate too.

With him, you want to…

> Build a loving, open and warm home

> Have a beautiful family… you can just see the kiddos running around

> Create a rich in all aspects, sparkling, wholesome life together

> Share every bit of your life – every joy and challenge


So where is he?

Hello! I'm Kristina
(some know me as kris)

Since a very young age, I have been consumed by being in love and soulmate relationships. 

It has been my soul purpose to learn how to manifest relationship dreams into reality and now I help women from all over the world who seek me out (high-end celebrities, elite clients and women just like you and me - who are ready to connect to soul) to become truly who they were born to be, transform their fears (of being single and lonely forever) to create their own divine love story.

Inner work is crucial if you want rapid and lasting results and this is where our work together matters the most.

This is where I can really help you!

My zone of genius is being an advanced practitioner in transformational therapy & coaching and quantum shifts.

" I was with my soulmate within 5 months "

What makes me different to other soulmate attraction coaches?

Firstly, I have been through it, lived it, breathed it, nearly died from it (metaphysically) and conquered it to now living life with my soulmate - who is more than I could ever have dreamed of.

I went from single for years to being with my soulmate within months.

I understand what it takes from the inner (spiritual, feeling, believing) soul work to the outer (physical, seeing) manifestation.

And how to manage the in-between, from not seeing 'him' yet to knowing and radically trusting yourself that it will be.  

I’ve found the way!

♡ ♡ ♡

Create your own divine love story

Attracting your soulmate starts with YOU being clear on what you want and who you want. Someone that matches your values, wishes, expectations and life plan so that there’s an immediate and deep connection.

No wasting time or energy on the wrong guy!

Within my unique inner sanctum you'll experience a revelationary process.


This is essential and uncovers truly what you want and who you are being so that you attract exactly what and who you desire.

You connect your head, heart and soul so that you can magnetically call the right guy into your life.

If I had a dollar or pound or euro for every time a client says they’ve just attracted the man of their dreams and he is exactly what they described in this step … well you know the answer to that !!


You are now in a good place to look at why you don’t have him yet. This step
is transformational ! 

You’ll find out what has stopped you up until now so that you know how to overcome what is between you and attracting him.

You’ll clear those hidden blocks so you can walk out of your past and into your future. This step accelerates the process (takes years off wondering where, when, how). 


Developing your belief is essential to making your dream happen in your physical world.

You’ll activate your own unique guidance system so that in just one day, from this technique, your life will start to change

And you’ll create a new empowering belief so that you can predict the outcome that
you desire.

(Some clients meet their soulmate within this step)


Embody your new way of being - inner to outer.

You will lock-in your soulmate desire so that you become certain of attracting him.

The inner connection you now have will lead to aligned, inspired action.

And from that you will see your world changing with new opportunities and serendipitous experiences.


You can now trust in how everything is created and give birth to your soulmate life.

Assuming your wish fulfilled (the law of assumption) so that you FEEL fully empowered, radiantly confident and totally certain in attracting your soulmate.

Science (fact) and Spirituality (creation) come together in this step so you feel, believe and know that you will create your own divine love story.

Here's a quick preview of some of my clients' results ...

attract your soulmate
discover your unique love code & create your own divine love story

Discover Your Unique Love Code

This insight session is absolutely for you.

It is our time to work together to discover your unique love code… because this is different for everyone, and that’s why my work works!
I take you through my process 1:1 so that my undivided attention is on YOU!

There are absolutely no obligations.

But let me ask you this... What do you have to lose?

You may have tried everything and have almost given up.

Let this be a reminder, a little “love awakening” if you will…

Finding your soulmate starts with you and I want to show you the exact steps to
attract him :)

I've opened up a limited number of FREE
Discover Your Unique Love Code calls but my calendar fills up really quickly.

Would you love to explore booking a free insight call where we'll dive into how you can create attracting your soulmate?

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You may have tried ALL the things to find him…

> dating apps
> blind dates
> hook-ups from friends, family, co-workers
even the neighbours claim to have the “perfect” guy for you)

But they aren’t right.
They weren’t right.

So you’re probably wondering whether my session with you will really help or if it’ll just be another time wasting heartbreak.

Listen, gorgeous soul, I can sit here and spell out all my credentials and tell you about all my success love stories.

Or you can hear it straight from my clients.

It all begins with the Discover Your Unique Love Code clarity call.

There's only a limited number of FREE
Discover Your Unique Love Code calls.

Would you love to explore booking a free insight call where we'll dive into how you can create attracting your soulmate?

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You are probably asking yourself; “will this work for me?”

The answer is an absolute YES ! 

My revelationary process is where you create your soulmate destiny. 

You will overcome your doubts, out-dated beliefs and transform your fear of being single and lonely forever to becoming the most empowered you have ever been, feeling more radiantly confident than you can imagine and knowing with certainty that you will attract your soulmate.

Your friends, colleagues, family will see you in a new light. The person you were always meant to be - who has everything, not just on the outside but now on the inside - and this manifests into you attracting TRUE LOVE!

After personally doing this work for myself, I went from single for years to being with my soulmate within 5 months and now working with my clients who are also experiencing extraordinary single to soulmate lives (some within months or even weeks!!)

 - This means you can too!

♡ ♡ ♡

And it’s not just your soulmate life that changes!  So many other aspects of my client’s lives up-level - more money, new homes, career changes to name a few - this is a journey that changes your life.

I know what works, what creates results. My process is both unique and proven.

This is an inner to outer experience which transforms you, your relationship love life and so much more.

Discover your unique love code
attract your soulmate
create your own divine love story

I offer a limited number of FREE
Discover Your Unique Love Code calls and invite you in while I have availability.

So here's what to do!

you'd love to explore booking a free insight call where we'll dive into how you can create attracting your soulmate...

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Within the inner sanctum of my programme - you will experience shifts, aha moments, insights and apply various powerful techniques leading you to attracting your soulmate. 

This unique process includes:

personalised support and guidance (no-one-size fits all)

customised activation sessions that are bespoke to you

essence creation to align you and him for fast attraction momentum

hypnotic induction and clearing - yes it might sound woo, woo but this is where the
dynamic shifts take place !

a bespoke ‘transformational’ recording’ - mind, body, soul evolution

activate your own unique guidance system, this changes everything … in just one day

special visualisation techniques so you magnetically meet

creating a new empowering belief so you can predict the outcome that you desire

locked-in certainty so you know you will attract him

guidance on aligned, inspired action leading the two of you to meet and look back and
say; you couldn’t have possibly planned it better !

you will also receive, in addition to your face-to-face over Zoom sessions, unlimited
email and messenger support 

You Deserve the BEST !

This is high-end, bespoke VIP mentoring and coaching - because you want the best and you deserve nothing less. Being treated like the super-special gorgeous one that you are starts with YOU! 

Finding Mr. Right and creating your own divine love story is much easier and simpler than you think, no matter how long you’ve been trying!

It’s now your turn for Mr Right!

Your Soulmate is Waiting on You

Addendum: My team has just told me that spots are filling up.

There are now only a limited number of FREE
Discover Your Unique Love Code insight calls.

♡ ♡ ♡

Would you love to explore booking a free insight call where we'll dive into how you can create attracting your soulmate?

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